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Missouri (pronounced: misery)

We spent about 5 days outside St. Louis at Babler State Park; we were there for doctor’s appointment and business calls.  Luckily (or really unluckily) I had gotten bronchitis the week before and really needed to see my doctor for my annual physical which turned out to be a sick visit.  Cough medicine & antibiotics in hand, I spent most of the week in the RV resting/coughing.  Barry also started coughing and his doctor gave him the same regime.  We did not get to see our family or friends this week, we were just too sick………so, we got ready to leave the area

But, not before we spent a day at our Favorite RV repair shop!  Chris at The Motorhome RV Store in Eureka has proven to be worth his weight in gold for us!  Remember that wiper motor that we tried to get North Trail to replace?  Done!  Wipers facing up and down?  Fixed!  All in one day!  I have learned my lesson and will only use Chris to work on my coach from now on!

While in St. Louis, we also sold 2 of the remaining Big Three Things to Sell:  2014 Subaru and 65″ Samsung 5K TV!  For the last 7 months, I have advertised the Subbie and had only limited offers; sadly, Barry turned down the early offers in the hope we could get more money, we just cleared enough to pay off our loan.  Finally, a guy contacted us from my ad and I was able to sell him my 2nd favorite car (I loved my 2000 VW the most!).

2014 Subaru Forester AWD – TURBO!!

He had also vacillated about selling the giant TV.  I bought it before he had knee replacement surgery 2 years ago to help him recuperate better.  He had high hopes he could, somehow, configure the RV to get that beast in it.  I knew otherwise…….it would be like have a drive-in movie screen outside garage…..just too big!  A friend of our son, Drew, contacted me from a FB Marketplace add and bought that giant beast the next day!  Add to that the $$ we got from our friend who sells our stuff on Craigslis and we are getting closer to our goal of full-time RV living!

That’s a Big TV!! 65″ Samsung 5K Curved Screen HDTV!

The last thing of the Big Three Things to Sell is our home.  We have discusssed our house with so very many people and, after interviewing a third realtor, decided to get more realistic about that sale.  Here are the issues:

  1. 3.35 Acres — Young families want a subdivision for their kids
  2. No Basement — Many St. Louis area natives feel they Need a Basement.  The fact that we have so much storage space everywhere and it is dry does not count for much.
  3. Baby Boomers — We are at the end of the Boomer Generation and no one our age wants a big house, they are all down-sizing also.
  4. Millinials — This is our target audience….someone who wants the seclusion of acreage, the room for teenagers to spread out, and the convenience of being close to St. Louis amenities.
  5. Price — We started at $400,000 at the advice of two different realtors….and have gradually moved it down to $375K.  The third realtor, who specializes in homes on acreage, added up the above factors and feels we are still too high. 😦
Yes, we are leaving this piece of paradise for Full-Time RV Living!


We have dropped the price to $367,000 and driven away…….hopefully Someone, Somebody Special, will come to love our house as much as we have done.