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All About Relaxing in Mobile, Alabama

This is a 5 star RV park!  1- Nice clean sites with concrete patios, heavy-duty picnic tables, and full hook-ups.  2-Consistent WiFi!  3-Amazingly clean, private shower rooms with private toilets spaces included.  4-Locked gates with a passcoade for security and privacy.  5-Well lit parking sites at the front of the coach, but still dark enough at the back for good sleeping.  Nice plantings along the side fences with camellias in bloom leaving a sweet fragrance in the air.  Trees along both sides with lots of birds, especially doves, cooing and singing.  Need more?  Friendly staff that gave us a jar of mixed berry jam and local things to do when we checked in; daily trash pickup behind the coach, and a welcome smile and hello everyday!  

The day after we checked in, a large storm moved through the area.  Barry, ever on the weather apps, announced that the worst of it had passed south of us, when suddenly, out of nowhere…….lightning struck and boomed simultaneously!  It had struck the WiFi antenna at the next site, blasting the WiFi adapter off the pole in pieces.  The funny was that the WiFi did not even go out!

I don’t know what Barry is doing in this photo, by the way!   They also have a claw-foot bath tub near the laundry/shower house for dog baths!  Today both boys got a much needed bath……hopefully they will smell less like dogs for a day!  All-in-all, this is just a very nice place to stay and we will try to visit as we pass this way again!



Full time RVer!

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