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RV Life, April ’17


There are so many fun things to do here!  But first, let’s talk about Full-Time life in the coach.    First things first, we have to learn to share the car and the WiFi.  Barry traveled around this area for the last 2 weeks making sales calls, this left me home alone without a car.  My sprained ankle is improving buy not yet ready for long bike rides.  My problem is that I am not content unless I am doing “something” and go about making to-do lists.  First:  wash the floors and vacuum the RV thoroughly √ … clean the vent fans by taking them apart from the inside √ (I need to get on the roof to clean the outside but can’t do that unless Barry is here) … clean the windshield and apply RainX √ …. launder all the bed linen √ …. find the nest of a Killdeer on the campsite across from ours and wonder at nature √ …. wallpaper border removal …. well let’s talk about that….


Originally our coach had a burgundy wallpaper border in the bathroom and parts of the kitchen and bedroom.  Someone tried to remove it in the bedroom, ran into a bigger job than they were prepared for, and left about 6″ of paper scratched off the wall.  They then covered the kitchen  and bathroom border with a beige border (see above) and to ensure it would not come down, glued the top edge with some type of SuperGlue (what were you thinking?).  Where the beige stuff came into contact with water around the sinks, it became loose and wanted to pull away, leaving just the top glue line remaining.  IMG_0514

You can just barely see the line above the burgundy border here.  After looking online, I decided to try to use my steamer and a fabric softener / water mix.  So for 3  days, I alternated spaying the border with the mixture, rubbing it in well, and then using a paint scraper to work it off / applying a ton of steam with a wire brush attachment on my steamer to soften then paper.  The steaming process is just a mess with hot steam right in my face in a tiny bathroom space, bits of wet, soggy wallpaper clinging to the wire brush, and a bucket full of cool water to pull the goop off the brush in between sprays.  The steamer removes the paper well, but the glue underneath it is another problem.  The water softener/water mix get sprayed on the wall, then rubbed vigorously with my hands to work it into the glue layer before using the scraper to very carefully peel it off the wall.  RV walls are usually a thin piece of lauan (thin wood panel) covered in a full piece of vinyl paper with matching strips at the edges.  So, trying to remove the border without nicking the underlying vinyl is tricky, here is my first attempt with some scratched up places.IMG_0516

The bathroom is just big enough to turn around and either use the toilet or the sink (or both if you are Barry-sized!), but not big enough for a stool.  I had to straddle the toilet to work all around it, with rags all along the floor to catch the bits of paper that fell off.  The weather outside was blustery with a chance of rain and the perfect time to work inside, but after 3 days, my back was tired of sitting across and backwards on the toilet  as I worked, my hands ached from the scraping and spraying and rubbing the walls, and I was at my limit of mindless work.  I stopped for breaks from time to time and to walk the dogs also.  One afternoon after I had walked the dogs, Barry stopped by with a client just as I was getting ready for a shower — YIKES!


I only removed about 6′ of the border, including 4 inside corners and 1 outside corner in 3 days of work.  After we get to a spot where we are parked for a while, I am going to try to paint over the wall areas with a nice neutral color.  I like the look without the border but have to re-assess the removal around the countertops.  The wallpaper was installed before the counters and they caulked over the seam where the two meet……just great…..this is going to be a PROJECT….




Full time RVer!

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