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Longview Campground

We love Kansas City!  First, this is right in the middle of Barry’s Midwest states work territory and he can access so many accounts from here.  Second, KC feels better to us; kind of hard to explain, but just a better vibe than St. Louis.  Safer?  Yes.  Less clique-ish, more highways to access everywhere, less “that’s not how we do it here” attitude, more shopping!  But first, let’s talk about the campground!

imageimageWe are staying at a Jackson County Parks campground, in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  This was a private estate/farm built almost like a private, self-sustaining village in 1913-14 by a lumber baron/philanthropist, R.A. Long.  All the remaining estate buildings are beige stucco with red clay roof tiles, only the mansion is available for public use, mostly private events.  The lake is man-made with lots of standing timber submerged and tons of fishy-looking spots.  The campground is just off the lake, surrounded by trees and lots of quiet.  Surprisingly quiet to be in a metropolitan area.  We have full hook-ups at a gravel site with good satellite TV; the only downside is that there is zero WiFi.   The park’s paved roads are great for walking and there is convenient shopping and dining nearby!  I have walked those short-legged dogs so much, they even like a little trip to the lake when possible to cool off their bellys!


All in all, we love this campsite, have figured out how to share the car and WiFi, and can’t wait to return to stay and work here for longer times.  This is truly the beginning of our new life!