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Belleville RV Estates

First, a disclaimer; I made this reservation as this is the closest RV park to a hospital.  My father-in-law was at Saint Anthony’s Medical Center in February and, as we did not know the length of his stay, this seemed like the best choice.  For that reason alone, it was the best choice.

IMG_0030However, as an RV park, I would not recommend it for a couple of reasons: road noise and flood plain.  The park is just off a major outer belt around western St. Louis and there is road noise all the time.  There is also a couple of biker bars within 1/4 mile and quite a bit of motorcycle engine noise here.  As the floods go, a small waterway, Saline Creek, runs right next to this park; when there is heavy rain, it floods and you need to be ready to pull out at a moment’s notice.  We did not have that problem; however, when it rains at all, many of the sites flood and we would step out into a small pool of water as we left the RV.  Our dogs were sopping wet every time they went out….and wet dogs just don’t smell good.  Also the water hookups were below ground and as the rains came, the space filled with ground water.  When we needed to unconnect and reconnect after a short trip, the idea of reaching down into that pit of water was just yucky.  And I am not sure how long I ran the water inside the coach to make sure that no ground water worked its way into our fresh water……yuck….

For the good points, this is a relatively inexpensive metropolitan park if you stay for a month.  They have full hook-ups with 50 amp service and WiFi.  There are many trees near all the sites for shade and the entire site is paved (at various heights though so our car was about 2″ below the RV pad).  Several Sweet Gum trees are here and they leave all those prickly seed balls all around the park, ouch!  They do have mail service onsite also and we had good exposure for our satellite TV.  The neighbors were mostly long-term residents working in the area, several mobile homes were also here.

The road into this park is in terrible condition with potholes everywhere and several speed bumps.  The entrance is a 90º right turn, then a 90º left turn, speed bump and another 90º right turn… in a big rig with a tow car……Not.  On a good note, there is an IMO’s and a Domino’s pizza very close and Saint Louisans can get their IMO’s fix everyday!  This park is also close to a large shopping area with a movie theater, restaurants, and Starbucks.  A nearby QuikTrip gas station has good prices for diesel and is RV accessible.

We will probably not stay here for any length again.  We both prefer a quiet site without threat of road noise or flooding.



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